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Best Treks To Do In Ladakh


No doubt, the treks in Ladakh are the most popular treks in India. Mountain climbers thoroughly enjoy investigating Leh-Ladakh due to its pleasant perspectives. Experience the genuine rush of being a piece of testing journey which brings the adrenaline rush up in you. Propel yourself out of your usual range of familiarity to an excursion brimming with shocks from mother earth.

Investigate these journeys to find unreasonable scenes in the midst of the excellence of Leh-Ladakh and probably to experience the best treks in Ladakh. Below are some treks which are not onlynbest but also one of the popular treks in Ladakh. 

Goechala Trek

Goechala Trek one of the best trek of north east as you climb up you’ll see the beauty of mountain and nature. 

Chadar trek

During Ladakh’s brutal winters, snowfall covers mountain passes, making numerous regions inaccessible by street. To go between towns in the far away Zanskar locale, Ladakhis began walking once again through frozen waters. The Zanskar waterway ice journey offers a rare, eight-day venture along slushy canyons and flawless icefalls, testing your grit through strange and unsafe snowscapes.

With temperatures decreasing to – 20°F (- 30°C), it’s not for the weak willed. Chadar trek is not only popular in Ladakh but also in India and worldwide. The journey includes a few amazing perspectives on snow-clad and rough Himalayan mountains. Furthermore, one of the significant attractions on the trip is the frozen cascades at Nerak. Everything about the frozen waterway journey is interesting, from the view and uncommon camping areas to temperature and air, making this trip one of its sort.

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The temperature and climate is a problem but all the hardships during the journey are worth it when you see yourself surrounded by the best beauty of nature. Chadar trek package gives you all information about the best time to visit, traveling, costs, trekking details etc. Make sure to read the Chadar trek package and itinerary properly. 

Nubra Valley trek

High Ascents is satisfied to offer this trip in India’s distant Ladakh district. Frequently known as “Little Tibet” and the “Land Beyond the Passes” Ladakh is a high elevation. Snowcapped lunarscape enmeshed in conventional Buddhism that has existed and created unbound for a really long time. The journey from Phyang to Hunder interfaces the Indus valley to the Nubra valley.

It follows an old shipping lane which was essential for the old Silk Road network extending from India to Central Asia. The most noteworthy point on this off in an unexpected direction is the Lasermo La pass (5438m) which is covered with ice and snow even in summer. From the pass, there is a superb scene of the Karakoram range. This journey is done in 5 days. You can have much fun while doing this trek as it offers you the best of nature surprises you can ever get. Can be considered among the best treks in Ladakh, Nubra Valley is highly recommended by the travelers. 

Snow Leopard trek

Want to venture out in the wild and have your awesome lifetime experience? Then snow Leopard trek is the one for you. Snow Leopard Adventures group of old pros in journeying in the Indian Himalayas can orchestrate trips to any piece of India including the place where there is snows Sanctuaries and wildernesses in Uttarakhand, the old trans Himalayan realm known for its cloisters in Ladakh. The picturesque and socially rich state of Himachal Pradesh and the moderately neglected territory of Arunachal Pradesh.

The reason why this trek is so demanding and one of the most popular treks in Ladakh, is because it is a combination of thrill. Adventure, fun, excitement. The thrills and excitement of seeing a snow leopard during your trails and the fun and adventure which is the promising part of this trek. That is why it is also considered as one of the best treks in Ladakh. 

Stok Kangri trek

Jumping to another popular treks in Ladakh, Stok Kangri comes in that list. Many of the treks are popular and best to most people because they are easy and can be done by the Beginners. But this trek’s troublesome level is difficult and one of the challenging treks you will ever come across in life.

The more challenging it sounds, the more amazing and crazy experience this trek has! You will see the perspectives decisively changing subsequent to crossing each two or three miles. At one point. You will be gazing at the glorious Himalayan tops while strolling on the infertile scene, and at another point. You will wind up strolling through a green landscape enhanced with bright blossoms.

Moreover. The perspectives that you get to observe from the highest point of the pinnacle are incomparable – you will be gazing at K2, Indus and Zanskar Valley. So as far you would have understood that this is one of the best treks in Ladakh. 

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