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Everything You Need to Know About Clothes Moths

Clothes Moths

People generally think of moths as small insects with wings that find bright light attractive. On the contrary, they are of different kinds and varieties. Infestation of moths can lead to their entry into your pantry. 

Moreover, cloth moths also attack closets as some moths like to feed on animal fibers. They are known as clothes moths. Contact pest control Meridian to get rid of them with an effective solution. 

Clothes Moths

are the kind of moth that infests clothes, carpets, and other textile items. They use them as food sources. They do not like brightness and reside in dark areas like your closet or wardrobe.

However, fully grown moths do not infest on clothes; only their larvae do. These moths lay their small eggs on textiles. After these eggs develop into larvae, these larvae eat the surrounding cloth fibers. These larvae are white-colored in appearance and half inches in length. Generally, two kinds of moths are found in houses. They are as follows:

Case-making moths

This type of moth keeps itself inside a silky tube-shaped case. These cases have particles of clothing fibers that the moths eat.

Webbing Moths

These kinds of moths produce silken webs while eating the cloth. They leave tubes or patches on the cloth.

Garments eaten by clothes moths. 

These moths eat only natural fibers produced by animals like silks, furs, wool, feathers, and leather. They do not attack cheap synthetic textiles and damage costly clothes. 

Where are Clothes Moths Found?

Along with closets, cloth moths are also found in basements, attics, and holes inside of walls where old clothes and rugs are kept. They can also be found near furniture made of naturally made fibers.

Ways to Prevent Clothes Moths

Clothes moths can seriously damage your personal belongings. They ruin your favorite items of clothing. Therefore, it is crucial to take preventive measures against them. Make sure to follow these tips to prevent their infestation in your house.

  • Make sure to keep all your coats, blankets, and garments made up of natural fibers in a clean state. Check for moth eggs frequently to prevent their growth. With the help of dry cleaning, the destruction of moth larvae is promoted. Focus on areas like the insides of sleeves, tucked part of seams, and the area under the collar to inspect any larvae.
  • Keep your clothes in tight-fitted bags and seal them before hanging them. You can also keep them in boxes.
  • In severe cases of clothes moths, use naphthalene balls to kill the existing moths and stop them from laying more eggs.

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