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Top Resorts Near Bangalore for a Day Trip

Resorts Near Bangalore


A majority of us are occupied with work on weekend. Long weekends are the dream of many. The monotony of working for six days is exhausting and can be unhealthy. Many people have discovered the benefits of a rest day and would like to make the most of every moment in relaxation and de-stressing.

Here are some fantastic day-trips to Bengaluru to unwind and indulge in a spa day.

Shilhaandara Resort

It is Shilhaandara Resort is a stunning nature-inspired resort in Ramanagara district. The uniqueness of this district lies in the fact it’s proven successful in keeping their infrastructure to be as green as is possible.

This is why the district as well as its resorts are based on nature and not the luxury. Similar to that, Shilhaandara resort’s infrastructure gives an air of natural tranquility and is surrounded by the brown granite rocks and lush grasslands. The resort is situated 47 kilometers away from Bengaluru.

The rooms are well-equipped and some include jacuzzis. The atmosphere at Shilhaandara can inspire you to curl up reading a book, or get a rush of adrenaline to participate in exciting activities such as zip line, rope line, quad bikes paintball, and many other. If you want to relax and pamper yourself with ayurvedic treatments, there’s an spa within the resort. They offer day trips that start at 760 rupees.

Eagleton Golf Resort

It is among the most luxurious and lavish Golf courses located in Bengaluru. This is a luxurious resort that caters to the requirements of golfers and their families. Its golf course is the ideal method to conduct corporate business and gatherings. The resort offers a separate children and family area. You can complete your business and office deals, return to your loved ones and enjoy the rest of the day with the time of your life.

Guhantara Resort

Is a cave-themed resort with both outdoor and indoor activities to take part in. Guhantara offers special day-out packages that are perfect for group and family outings. They include relaxing nature walks, trekking exploring caves and the surrounding area, rope lines Zorbing balls, etc. The rooms that are themed to caves have a rural atmosphere that is distinct from traditional hotel rooms. This rustic getaway is 34 kilometers away from Bengaluru is ready to be your ultimate getaway.

Baevu, The Village

As the name implies, Baevu is a genuine village resort. The village is comprised of tiny cottages, each with traditional Bangalorean furnitureand wooden structures and red roofs that are tiled. The surrounding areas of the village are vast farms, which grow organic vegetables to prepare their food.

There is an space for outdoor activities as well as an outdoor pool. Outdoor activities include an excursion on a tractor or a volleyball, cricket, football, or a bonfire. This resort in the village is 60 kilometers away from Bengaluru main city. Bring your family and friends to this place to enjoy a short getaway.

Kaadgal Resort

Kaadgal hotel is ultimate example of providing the rustic, rural, with a rustic, natural and rustic ambience. The wooden huts that are individually constructed, wooden tents and the main features of this resort. Because of its site, the view that the guests get from the resort is stunning. It has a swimming area and a lake close by for you to take a dip into the water.

They also have dorms for larger groups and plenty of outdoor adventure options such as zip line and zorbing balls, trekking and rock climbing, among others. The all-round location is just 68 kilometers from Bengaluru and is worth keeping in your mind if you and your friends are ever planning to take an unexpected day trip.

Thappalu Resort

Thappalu is vast in its territory, offering plenty of space to play outdoors or lie in the grass. The open design of the place makes it appear larger and more airy. Food served seems to be delicious. It’s about 75 kilometers distant from Bengaluru. The vast resort also comprises of a pool, a volleyball court, a cricket field and ample space to play other games outdoors.

Other notable resorts near by include; Galibore resort and jungle stay, Nature Adventure Camp, Orange wood resort, Odyssey Retreat and many other. Galibore Resort and Nature Adventure camps are situated in Kanakapura.

The majority of accommodations that are located in Bangalore are based on nature and encourage outdoor activities. The same location for long hours at the office can leave little room to relax and rejuvenate for employees. The resorts listed above are open to all types of guest because they know that the routine of work can exhausting. A lot of team-building events are hosted at these resorts to help their employees achieve a work/life balance. Because all of these resorts are more than 100km from the city center They can be accessed with ease without much plan.

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