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What are the different Stages of Steroid Use?

Stages of Steroid

Stages of Steroid Using steroids to enhance muscle growth and aid in bulking up has always been a common practice among bodybuilders. Plenty of muscle training coupled with adequate and appropriate anabolic drug usage can improve bulk and minimize the risks of tolerance and hormonal instability.

The growing number of people who purchase steroids online from top websites, such as UGFreak testifies to this fact. However, if you’re also planning to use them, you should know everything about them, including how to use them. Read on to know more!

Steroids Usage Methods


Often steroids are used in a cycling pattern. Cycling refers to consuming steroids for a long time and abstaining from their usage. It helps the body to naturally produce testosterone in addition to the testosterone produced by the steroid during consumption.


Stacking steroids refer to taking two or more Stages of Steroid at a time. This is a plan usually followed by more experienced users. It has the added benefits of increased muscle strength, better muscle retention, and much more effective bulk. There can be multiple combinations of steroids used in a stack.


As the name implies, Pyramiding steroids refer to gradually increasing the intake of Stages of Steroid till reaching a point of maximum consumption, followed by slowly tapering it back to zero. Unlike cycling, pyramiding helps the body to get used to the intake and the deprivation slowly over a long period.

Cycle Length

A steroid cycle is a time during which a steroid may be consumed. The range of a cycle can vary depending on the goals and needs of a person as well as the type of steroid one is taking. Few steroids, such as Anavar, start to show the results within a few weeks, while some may take over months combined with various workouts and diets.

Short Cycle

A short steroid cycle lasts about 2 to 4 weeks. It comprises giving your body heavy doses of steroids for a short time, resulting in rapid gains and bulking up. The effects are prominent very early on. However, a short cycle is not recommended for beginners as it is riskier and may have adverse side effects.

Medium Cycle

A medium cycle lasts around 8-12 weeks. A medium cycle is sufficient to ensure the muscle gain doesn’t diminish during the off period but is also sustainable enough to promote cutting and gain lean mass. During a medium cycle, one may be limited to using fast-acting compounds. A medium cycle may be put into action thrice a year, given its length. 

Standard Cycle

Standard steroid cycles are suitable for everyone and are effective among people new to the usage of anabolic compounds and more experienced users looking to boost growth for a much more extended period. A standard cycle can last around 12 weeks and be practiced twice a year. This cycle is optimal for maintaining and growing muscle, thanks to its long-term action plan.

Long Cycle

More experienced users usually practice a long cycle. A long cycle can last anywhere from 3 to 9 months. It comes with increased risks due to the prolonged intake of steroids. A long cycle promotes permanent muscle growth due to the system’s prolonged presence of anabolic substances.

Post Cycle Therapy

Post Cycle Therapy is the off time in a steroid cycle. The body is allowed to naturally produce testosterone and hormones so that a tolerance for the anabolic substances can be avoided. Post-cycle therapy is crucial as it prevents natural hormone production from shutting down. 

A PCT can get the body adaptive to the natural production of hormones in a matter of weeks so that the muscle gained during the cycle can be retained. Several supplements aid in stabilizing hormone production in the body, such as Rebirth, Clomid, Novaldex, etc.


There are many different approaches to consuming anabolic steroids for muscle building. Steroids may be taken in the form of on-off cycles and stacking them for a quicker and bolder effect. The cycle length depends upon the goals and the experience of a person. It is followed by an equally long recovery period that invokes the body to produce testosterone and other hormones naturally.

It also varies from product to product. So, if you plan to use cut stack steroids, you should know about all the details before proceeding ahead. Furthermore, only place your order at UGFreak as this is where you’re going to find real products at economical rates.

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